Remembrance Day – Services Uniform, 11 November 2021

Mon 08 Nov 2021
Remembrance Day – Services Uniform, 11 November 2021
I am aware of the fantastic community work that is done by students outside of school, through a variety of different organisations. At this time of year, such organisations strongly support Remembrance Sunday for example via parades and the laying of wreaths.
 I continue to be determined to promote the great work of students involved in Army and Sea Cadets, St. John’s Ambulance, and the Scouting movement. I am writing to invite all such students to wear their services/scouting uniform to our virtual Remembrance service on Thursday 11 November. This is a very poignant day and I understand that many of our students like to show their respects by wearing their own Services uniform, if they wish.
If students wish to participate they should attend the Academy in their Services uniform on Thursday. 
Yours faithfully 

Seana Rice