Tutor Groups

Our Tutor Group Continents are: Africa, Asia, Americas, Oceania

All tutor groups will be made up of students from the same year group who have a range of skills, abilities and talents. Tutor groups are allocated to a Continent and have the name of a country within that continent e.g. Ghana from Africa. Tutor time is on arrival to the academy in the morning and lasts for 20 minutes. Each group has a Mentor (usually a teacher) who delivers a programme of discussions and activities centred on themes outside the usual curriculum.

What are the benefits of the Tutor Groups?

● Students will benefit from sharing experiences with children of their own age whilst maintaining and developing friendship groups.
● Tutors can focus on individual and year group attendance liaising with specific learning managers and the SLT link/ attendance team. This will ensure excellent attendance and support students in overcoming any attendance barriers.
● Tutors continually reinforce and revisit our ACE (Academy Conduct and Expectations) programme to maintain the highest of standards.
● There will be more ‘year’ focused tutor time which is invaluable at key points during the year. Messages, activities and sessions will be directed to meet the needs of one year group, being age and content specific.
● Tutors are knowledgeable about requirements of curriculum subjects across Key Stages and be able to support academic progress.
● There are opportunities for clearer and more differentiated tutor programmes. For example, CV writing for Year 10 students; e-safety at different stages; graduation expectations; monitoring of pledges/ honours programme; curriculum pathways guidance; continuation of topics in Life lessons; support with home learning within the peer group; more efficient monitoring of praise, reward and any sanctions.
● Communication across the academy will be signposted through the student’s personal tutor. All announcements and information giving will be totally appropriate to that year group.
● Tutors may move through the years with their tutor group, watching them grow up and progress together. Stronger relationships will be formed between students and tutors, but also importantly developing the relationship with parents and carers.
● Each year group has a full-time, dedicated, non-teaching Learning Manager who forms strong relationships with each tutor group.
● Student leadership and peer mentoring schemes will be a key part of tutoring.
● Assemblies are delivered to year groups with appropriate age related content.
● There will be increased opportunities to create a year group identity and competition across tutor groups. There will be a further sense of belonging for students. Students will be a member of a country and a continent allowing interaction horizontally and vertically; securing the best of both.
● The tutor monitors praise and reward for all students and regularly celebrates success.