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Outwood Academy Bydales is located in the beautiful coastal village of Marske-by-the-Sea, on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. The predecessor Bydales School, that was in special measures at the time, joined the nationally renowned Outwood Grange Academies Trust in September 2014, and formally became Outwood Academy Bydales in February 2015.
In the summer of 2015 students achieved excellent GCSE outcomes, some 13% higher than the previous school record in 2012, the year it was judged outstanding by Ofsted. In January 2016 the school was named as the highest performing school in the five Tees Valley authorities for Value Added (the ‘Best Eight’ qualifications) at 1026.5, and also top for progress of students compared to similar schools.
In the Summer of 2016, results climbed again to new record levels, for example with 78% of students achieving GCSE grades A*-C in both English and mathematics.
In 2017, students achieved an outstanding 85% 9-4 grade in both English and maths, and 75% of students left with a grade 5 or higher in both these key subjects, with this figure being the highest in the North East. On average, students left with almost 3/4 of a GCSE grade higher than the national standard across eight of their key subjects, shown by a Progress 8 score of +0.68, this figure being second in the North East. In mathematics, 46% of students, almost half the year, left with a 7-9 grade (equivalent to the previous A/A* grades) in mathematics. The school was also second in the North East for Attainment 8 at 57.0
In January 2018 the academy was judged outstanding by Ofsted.

Why not come and visit, and see our fantastic students and staff at work? You are welcome any time.
Executive Principal: Andrew Wappat
Vice Principal: Seana Rice
SENCO: Katie Gates

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Latest News

  • Y8 Graduation Residential Parents' Information Meeting - Tuesday 19 June 5.00pm

    The Y8 Graduation Residential is fast approaching, and we would like all parents to attend on Tuesday 19 June at 5.00pm so we can give further information about what will be involved during the residential, what items need to be brought along, and wh


  • Year 11 Leavers' Prom at Gisborough Hall - Tuesday 26 June

    We are looking forward to a fantastic evening with Year 11 on Tuesday 26 June, celebrating the end of their studies at Outwood Academy Bydales, as they move onto post-16 education. Here’s to a huge turnout of students, reflecting their similar commit


  • Year 11 - 7.30am Statistics Revision Breakfast Session - Thursday 21 June

    Year 11 students who study GCSE Statistics have a Revision Breakfast Session on Thursday 21 June at 7.30am. This is very last session for our amazing 2018 Leavers. We’ve been humbled by the levels of turnout and commitment to these sessions, and the


  • Year 11 Statistics GCSE Masterclass - Wednesday 20 June 11.00am

    On Wednesday 20 June there is a final Masterclass for GCSE Statistics students in the usual lesson slot, ie Periods 1. Students should arrive for 8.25am – 9.25am. There is then the Revision Breakfast session on Thursday 21 June at 7.30am followed by


  • Year 11 Leavers' Assembly and Breakfast - Tuesday 19 June

    We are really looking forward to celebrating the five years that Year 11 have been with us, by welcoming them all back to school on Tuesday for a special Leavers’ Assembly and Leavers’ Breakfast. Students should arrive at 9.30am prompt please to say


  • Year 11 Statistics GCSE Masterclass - Monday 18 June 11.00am

    On Monday there is a Masterclass for GCSE Statistics students in the usual lesson slot, ie Periods 3 & 4. Students should arrive for 11.00am - 1.30pm. If travel is an issue, students can arrive at the normal time of 8.25am and complete private study


  • Governors’ ‘Parent Voice’ Forum – Monday 18 June 5.00pm

    The purpose of these informal meetings is to give you, as parents/carers of the students at Outwood Bydales, an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions which will help us continue to improve the educational experience we provide.


  • Year 11 - 7.30am Business Revision Breakfast Session - Monday 18 June

    Year 11 students who study GCSE Business & Communication Systems have a Revision Breakfast Session tomorrow, Monday 18 June at 7.30am. This is second last session for our wonderful 2018 Leavers, with the final one being at 7.30m on Thursday 21 June f


  • Weekly VMG Announcements - Advance notice here for wc Monday 18 June

    Each week, during VMG tutor time, students are reminded of opportunities and events, and given the chance to discuss and get inspired. Hopefully many of these make it into Planners and discussions at home. Relevant ones are posted here to help pare


  • Words of the Week - week commencing 18 June

    Each week we display across the academy, four words of the week relating to careers, spelling, numeracy and vocabulary. These are also published at the foot of the homepage of our website and via our Facebook/Twitter social media accounts. Whilst .


Outlook Magazine

Each term we produce our magazine ‘Outlook’, that celebrates the work and successes of students and staff alike. It also gives information about recent events in the academy, and focuses on different elements of our work to put ‘students first’. The most recent edition, together with back issues are placed below. Do have a read.



Proposed reduction in the published admission number for Outwood Academy Bydales

We consulted during the period 30 November 2017 to 11 January 2018 on the proposal to reduce our admission number from 160 to 150 starting in September 2019. Thank you to those who read the documents below, and responded. We will publish the decision before the 31 March 2018.

‘Word of the Week’ is part of the Academy’s ongoing strategy to improve students’ literacy. Students are being taught the importance of language and the need for a good vocabulary, both for their school work and as an essential life skill. There is an Academy WOW each week, displayed around school and on the website, and its use is reinforced by VMG tutors and in school assemblies. The word is designed to make students confident in their use of a range of complex words and their meanings, in a drive to improve student articulacy to even higher levels.

“As vocabulary is reduced, so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify. Man grows by language.” – Sheri S. Tepper

Word of the Week

Spelling of the Week

Numeracy Word of the Week

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