Arrangements for Payments of School Meals

Tue 26 Oct 2021
Arrangements for Payments of School Meals

As you are aware, we have been using ‘Impact iPay’ as the payment method for all school purchases, including school meals since September.  We are unable to accept cash payments for any meals or school purchases. 

ParentPay has not been in use since August and we no longer have access to this system.  If you have a ParentPay account, please close it.  Any funds added to ParentPay after today will not be accessible to academy staff and therefore, no further refunds will be available. 

Students who are eligible for Free School Meals
Students who are in receipt of Free School Meals receive their meal allowance into their iPay meal account at 11.15am each day so they are able to choose a lunch meal during their lunch break.  If you would like your child to access refreshments at break time in addition to their lunch allocation, funds must be added to their iPay account to enable them to make purchases.  There is no overdraft facility available on iPay for students who receive Free School Meals. 

Students who are not eligible for Free School Meals
If you would like your child to purchase lunch and break time meals and refreshments, please ensure you add sufficient funds to iPay.  If your child overspends on their iPay account, the system caps their account at £10.00 and will prevent them from getting into debt. 

If an iPay account is overspent, the academy will contact parents to inform them of this and request that funds are added to cover the debt and provide sufficient funds for future purchases.  If the debt is not cleared and there are insufficient funds, students should be provided with a packed lunch from home.

If your child is not currently in receipt of Free School Meals but you think that you may be eligible, please see our website here: for details of how to apply.

Further details about ‘Impact iPay’ and instructions for accessing your account are available here: All parents have been sent details individually of how to set up an account.  If you need support with this or have misplaced your account details, please ring the academy or email: and colleagues will be happy to help with any issues.