ImpactEd - Attendance Survey

Mon 25 Sep 2023
Monday 25 September 2023

Dear Parent/Carer,

I write to share information about an exciting research project we are working on with our partner, ImpactEd. ImpactEd is a social enterprise research company which evaluates what is working well in schools across the country and what impact this is having on the outcomes of our young people.

Improving attendance is a shared goal for not only our school but UK schools as a whole. We are using the ImpactEd platform to complete self-report surveys to help us understand some of the barriers to achieving higher attendance rates. This will help us put in place targeted interventions and support for our pupils. 

Over the next few weeks, all pupils will complete a short self-report survey to gather their feedback on the following areas related to attendance rates:

  • Sense of school membership - Understanding the extent to which pupils feel they belong in school and are part of the school community.
  • Safety in school - Investigating how safe pupils feel across different points in the school day.
  • Understanding the importance of attendance - Measuring how much pupils value being in school, and how well the attendance policy is communicated to them.

Pupils will complete their surveys during the school day. While we hope pupils will value the opportunity to give their honest opinions on these topics, pupils will also be made aware that they can opt out of the survey if they wish.

As part of this research, we also want to gather your views as parents and carers. You are invited to complete our survey related to your views on attendance and how we can further support you. We really appreciate your honest feedback and time in completing this survey which can be found at this link:

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to sharing the findings with you later this academic year.

Yours sincerely

Mr R McGreal
Outwood Academy Bydales