Year 11 GCSE Revision Masterclasses

Fri 21 Apr 2023
Dear Parent/Carer

Revision Masterclasses

To support students with their revision in the final days before the summer exams, we have organised a range of online revision masterclasses which will be delivered by our subject Directors. These expert teachers, many of whom your child may know, will lead hour-long webinars focused on revision and exam techniques and specific topic areas, covering both foundation and higher papers where applicable. They will complement the revision activities students should already be completing and are in addition to any sessions being provided by your child’s school.

Sessions will take place after school, between 4pm and 8pm, to allow students time to travel home following enrichment. The revision masterclass timetable for the week commencing 24 April is attached to this post and will also be posted in your child’s q4twewu Google Classroom .  Students will be given a paper copy of the timetable during at their next assembly.  This timetable will be updated as we progress through the weeks leading up to the actual exams.

To access a live session, students should click the joining link or scan the QR code on the timetable. Please note, students will only be able to join using their school Google login details. All masterclasses will be recorded so that students may catch up if they miss a session or wish to watch one again. The recordings and any additional resources will be made available within 24 hours by visiting

As with all online learning activities, students will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately. They will not be able to verbally communicate with each other or the teacher. If they have any questions, students should make a note and raise them with their usual teacher after the session. To ensure a productive learning environment, students are reminded to:

  • set up in a quiet space with minimal interruption;
  • join each masterclasses a couple of minutes ahead of the published start time as sessions will start promptly;
  • come suitably prepared including having the appropriate equipment (eg. exercise book, paper, pen, pencil and calculator).

I thank you in advance for your continued support and for ensuring that your child is able to access these excellent, additional opportunities to prepare them for their exams.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Julie Slater