Aerosol Use in the Academy

Wed 01 Feb 2023
1 February 2023

Dear Parent/Carer 

Aerosols within the Academy – C4 detention 

I write to clarify the situation regarding bringing aerosols (including deodorant and body sprays) onto the academy site. Students who wish to use a deodorant should purchase a roll-on variety, for use following a PE lesson or Enrichment session for example. 

The carrying and use of aerosols is forbidden and students who violate this instruction will receive a C4 detention. 

This policy is not taken lightly, we have a number of students, and several staff members, who suffer  from extreme allergic reactions to the use of such aerosols, or suffer from chronic asthma which can be  triggered by aerosol use. This includes being close to students who have just applied such aerosols, in changing rooms, by lockers, in classrooms or in the corridor. 

I will be reinforcing this expectation in tutor groups, but please remind your child as soon as possible what the academy position is with regard to aerosols. 

Thank you in anticipation of your continued support in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all within our school community. 

Yours sincerely 

Seana Rice