Uniform Policy Update - Unbranded Skirts and Trousers

Wed 14 Dec 2022
We know that recent increases in the cost of living will be impacting many families, and the Trust has looked at ways in which it may be able relieve some of the financial pressures you may be experiencing. The Trust recognises that school uniform can be expensive and has reviewed its Uniform Policy.

Currently, all secondary students are required to wear trousers or skirts that feature the Trust logo which are only available from Trutex Direct or one of the approved local uniform suppliers. Garments purchased from our suppliers can be more expensive than equivalents available from supermarkets or high street stores and the Trust has therefore taken the decision to remove the requirement for students to wear logoed trousers and skirts. This change will be effective from 1 January 2023.

The attached letter will provide you with further information on the options available to you and the revised policy will be added to the academy's website shortly.