Uniform Policy and Expectations

Tue 30 Aug 2022
It is important that students present themselves positively and it is expected that students will come to school every day in a neat, clean uniform that is worn appropriately and in its entirety.

Our Uniform Policy provides detailed information on the academy's requirements but the key expectations are below:

  • Plain black shoes which must be polishable (see image below for acceptable footwear)
  • Plain black socks/tights with no holes.
  • No jewellery except a wrist watch and a Medic Alert necklace or bracelet. Smart watches are not allowed and students cannot wear earrings or other piercings whilst at school. 
  • Hair must be a natural colour and bands/bobbles must be plain black or purple.
  • Nail polish and any type of false nails are not allowed.
  • No hoodies can be worn on site and coats must be large enough to go over the blazer.
  • Jumpers should be black with a v-neck and long sleeves and have the Outwood logo.
  • All students must bring a bag that can hold a planner and an A4 workbook.

Additional information on the equipment students need for the new term can be found in the Essential Information document below.