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“The whole point of schools is that children come first and everything we do must reflect this single goal.”

Sir Michael Wilkins - Academy Principal and Chief Executive

Train to Teach with the OIE


The Outwood Institute of Education is currently recruiting trainee teachers for primary and secondary places across our Family of Schools. This one year course, starting in September 2015, is suitable for graduates looking to make a difference in a rewarding and stimulating profession. Please see our website below for more details.

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Latest News

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    Careers in Medicine - Monday 2 March 2.30pm in the LRC

    We are launching weekly Careers Information sessions in our LRC on Monday 2 March from 2.30pm. These are in partnership with colleagues from Prior Pursglove College and are designed to be informal sessions to explore routes in different careers.


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    Provisional Year 11 GCSE Summer Timetable published to website

    An updated version of the provisional Year 11 Summer GCSE Examination Timetable is published on our website via Home > Curriculum > Exams or via www.bydales.outwood.com/exams There is a slight change shown on this revised version relating to Science.


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    School is open on Friday 13 February. Term dates on website.

    Last day of term is Friday 13 February, when the school will be open at the usual times. The half-term holiday, when students are not in school, runs from Monday 16 - Friday 20 February. Term dates are on our website.


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    Praising Stars 3 Reports Issued 11-12 February 2015

    Praising Stars 3 Reports and covering letter were issued via students to go home today (and tomorrow). With the report was a covering letter explaining the codes and layout. A duplicate of this letter is available via our website.


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    Updated Post-16 Open Events Calendar published to website

    We have updated our calendar promoting all the local Post-16 provider Open Events that are occurring during the year. This can be viewed and/or downloaded on our Careers page here via Home > Information > Careers Advice.