Design Technology 2018-2019

Welcome to Design Technology

The department is compiled of four teaching staff and two technicians; there are specialist teacher in each area – Engineering, Catering and Textiles, with technicians supporting in all areas.

The department benefits from CAD/CAM machines including laser cutters, vinyl cutters, a 3D Printer and a Roland MDX 40 CNC machine. We also have manual lathes, drills, fret saws, plus a foundry and casting area. The department has a fully functional catering kitchen area for Catering and in Textiles we have a number of sewing machines, over lockers and a screen printing equipment.

Meet the Team

Andrea Brown, Teacher of Engineering and Head of Department
Rachel Collin, Teacher of Hospitality and Catering
Seana Rice, Teacher of Textiles Technology
Kelly Smith, Teacher of Textiles Technology
Sarah Oxburgh, Teacher of Textiles Technology

You can contact any teacher using the format

Key Stage 3 Technology, Overview

Design and Technology will be studied across Y7 and Y8 and will cover Engineering, Textiles and Catering. Students will access two disciplines per year and will aim to cover all content in the given time over the two years collectively.
If students wish to study areas that they are not currently studying, they can attend one of three Enrichment sessions to do this.

Our DT curriculum aims to offer a wide range of skills as well as delivering the required knowledge to successful progress into Y9 & 10 pathways for Engineering and Hospitality and Catering.


Key Stage 4 – BTEC Technical Award in Engineering

Component 1 Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design Applications (30%)
The aim is to get to know industry sectors, how they work together to solve problems and apply related skills to a design product. Students will explore different sectors, investigate organisations, discover more about manufacturing and build their knowledge through a design project.

Component 2 Investigating and Engineering Product (30%)
The aim is to explore types of materials, components and processes used to make products, then reproduce and test a component. Students will learn why they chose certain materials, investigate how products are made, identify safe working practises, develop observational skills and create production plans.

Component 3 Responding to an Engineering Brief (40%)
The aim is for students to investigate and produce solutions to problems by creating their own engineering solution to a client brief. Building on knowledge they have learned in components 1 and 2, students will identify a problem, develop a theory and investigate solutions. Students will carry out tests, analyse data, reflect on their findings and suggest solutions. This will be on two set exam tasks set over one week.

The award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The main focus is on four areas of equal importance, which cover the development of key engineering practical and technical skills, such as research, observation, measurement, making, using computer-aided design (CAD) and disassembly; knowledge of key engineering sectors (mechanical, electrical/electronic and engineering design) and the interrelation of each in industry; knowledge of the stages involved in planning and implementing an engineering project ; knowledge and skills involved in the investigation of solutions to engineering problems in response to a given brief.

Progression Routes Students can progress to study a range of A-Levels including Product Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Design & Technology. Career opportunities include mechanical engineer, product designer, production engineer, architect and interior designer.

Controlled Assessment – 60%
Examination – 40%

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact: Head of Design Technology, Andrea Brown

Enrichment Opportunities

Catering – Monday and Thursday (All welcome)
Engineering – Thursday (All welcome) and Friday (Y9 & 10 only)
Textiles – Monday (All welcome)