Year 11 - Revision for Summer GCSE Exams 2018

Y11 & Y10 Masterclasses and Revision Breakfasts Timetables 2018

Students have been issued with the Masterclass & Revision Breakfast Timetables below, so they are aware when the 7.30am sessions are, and when there are Masterclasses during the school day before exams.

Below students and parents will be able to find revision materials and presentations as they become available. Please keep checking back. For subject specific revision please click on the purple button links below these files.

Y11 Generic Revision Timetables 2018 (to use or adapt)

Please find below two updated Revision Timetables for 2018. The first is the updated (page two only) ‘One-Hour-A-Day’ Revision Timetable. This was issued in September, when Mr Wappat challenged Year 11 to revise for one hour a day, in return for him running four miles a day, known now as the #Y11RevisionRunStreakChallenge. The second is the ‘Catch-Up’ Revision Timetable issued in February, for students behind in their revision, this version having three hours (not one hour) for each Saturday, Sunday and holiday day.

There are also editable Excel versions in the same place, where students can save, then edit in Excel, to make them bespoke. For example using Edit>Replace to change Opt A into the relevant subject, including Option Maths, Option Science, Option English etc.

Revision Materials 2018

Revision materials that are general/useful across all subjects are below. For subject specific click on the purple buttons, however these are being updated from 2017 so watch this space.

Subject Specific Revision Materials 2018

Please note these pages are currently being updated. Click on the purple buttons below:

Archive 2017 Documents and Presentations to Students & Parents