This page is designed to support students who are studying for their ECDL ICT examinations. Students can work on their European Computer Driving Licence qualification throughout Year 10 & Year 11, coming along to after-school Enrichment to brush up your skills developed at KS3 in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. When students are ready, they can then sit one of four online examinations in test conditions. If you have any questions not answered by this page, please see Miss Peacock, Head of Business, ICT & Computing.

Work Processing - Video Tutorial

Follow this link to a really helpful video tutorial that will help with revision ahead of your ECDL examination on the Word unit.

Spreadsheets - Video Tutorial

There is a video tutorial to help you revision the key aspects of using spreadsheets. Use it to practise as you prepare for your unit examination on Excel.

ECDL Revision Guide

Please download the following PDF of the ECDL Revision Guide that Miss Peacock developed here at Outwood Academy Bydales. Don’t leave anything to chance as you prepare for your week of unit examinations!