Creative Arts 2017-2018.

Welcome to Creative Arts

Here in the Creative Arts department we are dedicated to providing a quality, fun and engaging learning experience. We believe art, music and drama are at the heart of developing the child as a whole and regularly see improvements in areas such as confidence and self-esteem as well as subject specific skills and knowledge. We offer many extra-curricular experiences throughout the week.

Art Department

We are passionate about art and we will expect you to be confident, resilient, investigative, a good communicator and creative.

Visitors to the art department always comment on the calm, creative atmosphere of the art classrooms. This is clearly evident as students who choose to study art enjoy their lessons and the opportunity to express themselves.

We encourage students to be independent with their work.

We encourage our students to consider the spiritual, social, cultural and moral aspects of art so that they become more resilient, creative learners.


The Music Department is a thriving creative hub, providing musical opportunities for students across the school. We have a range of visiting tutors, offering lessons for a range of instruments including woodwind, strings, guitar, piano and keyboard and drums. The department has a large recital room with grand piano, 6 practice rooms and is very well equipped with keyboards, pianos, drums, guitars, ukuleles and Apple Mac computers.

Enrichment opportunities are available every afternoon. We run Music for All, Guitar Club, Choir and Band and GCSE and BTEC support sessions.

We have a strong history of live performance at Outwood Academy Bydales and allow opportunities for students of all abilities to join our ensembles.


Drama is an extremely popular subject at Bydales and all students in Years 7 and 8 receive an hour in the subject each week. During these two years students work on a vast range of drama and acting techniques, while also developing confidence, imagination, social skills and self-esteem. We also run Drama Festivals for the year groups which give every student an opportunity to perform for live audience and this is the highlight of the year for many of our students.

Facilities in the department help create an engaging and exciting atmosphere, through stage lights and music and the space is adaptable to make a mini-theatre right there in the classroom.

In Key Stage 4, students study the BTEC Performing Arts course and find the course challenging and engaging. Here they prepare themselves for a future in the performance arts which they can choose to continue after leaving Outwood Academy Bydales.


Mrs Kelly Smith, Head of Creative Arts, Art Teacher
Ms Seana Rice, Associate Principal & Teacher of Art
Mrs Sarah Trenholm, Teacher of Music
Mrs Louise Thompson, Teacher of Drama (Maternity Leave)
Miss Amy Bishop, Teacher of Drama (Maternity Cover)


Overview of the Year for Art at Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students will be introduced to a range of drawing skills. We will introduce students to a wide range of materials, processes and techniques that will enable them to create an accurate drawing and work in 2d and 3d. Students will be introduced to a variety of artists both historical and contemporary.


Overview of the Year for Art at Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4 students will work on centre given projects to build up a portfolio of work. They will complete coursework which will make up 60% of their grade and they will complete an externally set assignment which will be 40% of their final grade. Students will learn about a wide range of materials, techniques and processes. They will also be expected to discover artists and art movements who can provide inspiration for their work. Students will develop their skills both collaboratively and independently and they will receive excellent, guided feedback from our outstanding art staff. Students will work in sketchbooks so that they can effectively show their creative journey.


Enrichment opportunities in Art

Art 4 All club – Every night excluding Tuesday and Friday
Friday- GCSE Coursework catch-up.


Overview of the Year for Drama at Key Stage 3


Overview of the Year for Drama at Key Stage 4

The BTEC course is split into three distinctive units:

Unit 1 is a performance examination, which students complete as a solo project. This Unit is very versatile as it does not just cater for students who are actors. Should students offer another talents such as singing or dancing this can also be demonstrate in this piece of work.

Unit 2 is a project which involves putting a large performance together and begins with the initial stages of development, through to the rehearsal stage and a final show for an audience.

Unit 3 is an acting unit which develops all the basic acting skills in great detail and culminates with performance of a scripted piece of work.


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact Mr Taylor: Lead teacher of Drama.

Enrichment Opportunities in Drama

There are rehearsals after-school 2.30pm onwards for the School Production of ‘Wizard of Oz’ to be performed Feburary 2017.


Students at Outwood Academy Bydales develop their musical skills through a wide range of performing, composing and listening activities. These include the elements of music, rhythmic performances and performances using staff notation.

Overview of the Year for Music at Key Stage 3

Through the study of Indian music, students will experience improvising using Raga scales. Students also compose and improvise through the study of Blues music and its history, and compose their own songs using Garage Band software. They learn to play the drum kit and play in class ensembles traditional African and Samba drumming.


Overview of the Year for Music at Key Stage 4

Edexcel BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Music (QAN code 60068188)

This course has four units. Students study a range of theory and practical music across a range of styles
Unit 1 – The Music Industry. This unit is assessed through an external exam. All aspects of the music industry are studied
Unit 2 – Managing a Music Product. This unit is assessed internally. Students work together to create a musical product. They take on all of the roles that this entails
Unit 4 – Introducing Music Composition. Students will create their own music in a variety of styles
Unit 5 – Introducing Music Performance. Students will perform music in a variety of styles. They will have a number of performance opportunities and will develop their musical ability.


If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact Mrs Trenholm, Lead teacher of Music.

Enrichment Opportunities in Music