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Travelling to Outwood Academy Bydales (New Marske and Mickledales buses – previously Stagecarriage routes)

As you will be aware, when the bus company Stage Carriage went into liquidation the academy explored the possibility of other bus companies running a similar service, We would reiterate that the Stage Carriage routes were not services run by the academy, nor did they any generate income for the school.

Coatham Coaches kindly provided a trial service at our request from Wednesday 4 September and until Tuesday 10 September. However, these services have proven to be unviable, with only half the students needed using them. The academy has supported this temporary service provided over the past week, at a significantly financial loss. There are simply not enough students taking the bus at the fare requested. On the survey that parents completed there were not enough responses indicating that people were prepared to pay any more for the travel.

As the services are unviable they will no longer run, from Wednesday 11 September and from this date students will have to make arrangements to travel to and from the academy, using the various Arriva services. The Stagecarriage services had built up over a number of years at student/parent request to supplement adequate Arriva services already in place.

There are services run by Arriva, that most students already routinely use, that enable all students to arrive on time at the academy. Images will appear below showing possible routes and times. You can find more information from Arriva by clicking here:

In the information attached to the letter to parents/carers issued to students in the assembly on Wednesday 4 September, Arriva now have a Direct Debit payment scheme for Student Saver tickets. The Direct Debit scheme allows parents, carers or students to pay for the annual cost of a bus ticket, spread over affordable monthly payments with no contract involved. The bus ticket allows travel during school times, but can be used for your child to travel at evenings and weekends too. To apply click here: “www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-east/bus-tickets/youngsaver/”: https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/north-east/bus-tickets/youngsaver/

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Local Bus Timetables

The following timetables are placed here for parental convenience.
However, it is always worth checking that bus times have not changed.
Please use the simple Arriva online bus timetable here.