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Praising Stars 2 Parents' Evening: 12 January 2015

Our second Praising Stars Parents' Evening of the year is on Monday 12 January from 5.00 - 7.00pm. Students have been making appointments with teachers, following the PS2 reports issued at the end of December, on Page 133 of the Planner. Do check!



End-of-Term Newsletter - December 2014

Just a reminder that the End of Term Newsletter went home with students in the final week of December.
A copy can be downloaded by following the website link Information > Letters to Parents



Student Voice

You will no doubt be aware of the fantastic atmosphere in school during the Student Voice elections, where we modelled the British electoral process. It is hoped students understand ever more clearly our values when it comes to democracy.



Chair of Governors

You will be aware that the previous Vice-Chair of Governors, Mrs Tricia Taylor became Chair of Governors over the summer, during my arrival. She has been a fantastic source of energy for the school over the last term.



Key Staff Contacts

We recently published a list of the names and email of all teachers, learning managers and line managers to our website, mailing list and social media. This has followed suggestions from parents and governors on further improving communication.