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Year 11 Leavers' Assembly and Breakfast - Tuesday 19 June

We have just had a fantastic time celebrating the five years that Year 11 have been with us, by welcoming them all back to school today for a special Leavers’ Assembly and Leavers’ Breakfast. Students arrived at 9.30am to say goodbye to their classma



Year 11 Statistics GCSE Masterclass - Monday 18 June 11.00am

On Monday there is a Masterclass for GCSE Statistics students in the usual lesson slot, ie Periods 3 & 4. Students should arrive for 11.00am - 1.30pm. If travel is an issue, students can arrive at the normal time of 8.25am and complete private study



Governors’ ‘Parent Voice’ Forum – Monday 18 June 5.00pm

The purpose of these informal meetings is to give you, as parents/carers of the students at Outwood Bydales, an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions which will help us continue to improve the educational experience we provide.



Year 11 - 7.30am Business Revision Breakfast Session - Monday 18 June

Year 11 students who study GCSE Business & Communication Systems have a Revision Breakfast Session tomorrow, Monday 18 June at 7.30am. This is second last session for our wonderful 2018 Leavers, with the final one being at 7.30m on Thursday 21 June f



Weekly VMG Announcements - Advance notice here for wc Monday 18 June

Each week, during VMG tutor time, students are reminded of opportunities and events, and given the chance to discuss and get inspired. Hopefully many of these make it into Planners and discussions at home. Relevant ones are posted here to help pare