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Weekly VMG Announcements - Advance notice here for wc Monday 25 June

Each week, during VMG tutor time, students are reminded of opportunities and events, and given the chance to discuss and get inspired. Hopefully many of these make it into Planners and discussions at home. Relevant ones are posted here to help pare



Words of the Week - week commencing 25 June

Each week we display across the academy, four words of the week relating to careers, spelling, numeracy and vocabulary. These are also published at the foot of the homepage of our website and via our Facebook/Twitter social media accounts. Whilst .



Y8 Graduation Residential Parents' Information Meeting - Tuesday 19 June 5.00pm

The Y8 Graduation Residential is fast approaching, and we would like all parents to attend on Tuesday 19 June at 5.00pm so we can give further information about what will be involved during the residential, what items need to be brought along, and wh



Year 11 - 7.30am Statistics Revision Breakfast Session - Thursday 21 June

Year 11 students who study GCSE Statistics have a Revision Breakfast Session on Thursday 21 June at 7.30am. This is very last session for our amazing 2018 Leavers. We’ve been humbled by the levels of turnout and commitment to these sessions, and the



Year 11 Statistics GCSE Masterclass - Wednesday 20 June 8.25am

On Wednesday 20 June there is a final Masterclass for GCSE Statistics students in the usual lesson slot, ie Periods 1. Students should arrive for 8.25am – 9.25am. There is then the Revision Breakfast session on Thursday 21 June at 7.30am followed by