Year 11 Leavers' Prom at Gisborough Hall - Friday 21 June


We had a brilliant evening with Year 11 on Friday, celebrating the end of their studies at Outwood Academy Bydales, as they move onto their post-16 studies and apprenticeships. There was a huge turnout of students, our biggest yet, reflecting their similar commitment to all the support opportunities offered during an extremely busy year. Everyone looked absolutely stunning as they arrived in all manner of different vehicles, and a special mention goes to Katie Wilson who arrived in her father’s huge Massey-Ferguson tractor! It was wonderful to see such relaxed, friendly, confident young men and women, at ease with each others’ company and ready to enjoy a superb evening together.

Thank you to our professional photographer Paul Empson, who was on hand for photos on arrival, and throughout the night. *His Prom pictures are now available via an Online gallery. Each image and the video can be downloaded individually. This also links to a professional print laboratory, where you can choose to order prints, should they wish to. To download for free via the gallery just click the image and then click the download icon, to get a full size image 60cm x 40cm.

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Mr Burton, Year 11 Learning Manager, and his team did a stunning job preparing the venue at Gisborough Hall to be make the event as special and memorable for our incredible students. Dan the DJ (who doubles up during the day as our ICT Technician Mr Loudon) played great tracks too, and the dancing started earlier than usual.

Special awards were revealed, and in a moving ceremony, Nathan Dales received ’Georgina’s Star for Strength’, for his resilience in overcoming considerable adversity.

More photos will appear over the course of the next few days, from Mr Wappat’s collection. We hope they provide lasting, warm memories for a superb group of young people. We will watch your future careers with interest, as you go out into the world and make a real difference.