Year 8 Graduation Ceremony Two - Thursday 5 July


We were delighted to host the second of two Year 8 Graduation ceremonies 2018 on Thursday this week, for students who attended New Marske, John E Batty, Ings Farm and all other Primary Schools. (Westgarth, Errington and Wheatlands Primaries are on Wednesday) Parents, grandparents and siblings will be able to join in the celebrations, as we mark the final week of our Year 8’s KS3 studies, before they move onto starting their GCSEs.

Order of Events

10.30 Parents and Primary children start to arrive in the Sports Hall

10.50 Parents and Primary children start to take seats

11.00 Stand to welcome Year 8 graduates as they arrive

11.10 Start of Formal Ceremony

12.00 Close of Formal Ceremony

  • Fizz and donuts available
  • Official Photographs

12.25 Close of Graduation Event

  • Parents at Primary students leave*

The audience were will be entertained by a number of musical items that currently are a closely kept secret! Students will be welcomed onto stage to receive their Graduation certificates and souvenir booklets. Mrs Taylor, Chair of Governors, will also speak to students and the audience, before everyone will get an opportunity to tour student artwork, have some celebratory cakes and Shloer, and pose for photographs with our official photographer!

Official photographs from both days will be available after the event, using a link that will appear here, alongside a password that will be shared with students. To download, click the image you want and select the little download icon above the image. Alternatively you can ‘order’ the image as a Digital Download, which is the most popular method. This is priced as £0.00 (free!)

A special thanks in advance to our fantastic Learning Manager team, including Mrs Hopwood, Mrs Reid and Mrs Boyes, Learning Managers at points over the year for Year 8, for all their hard work supporting students on the ‘Road to Graduation’ during 2017-2018.

Some selected photos will appear below after the event.