Year 10 & 11 - 7.30am Computer Science Revision Breakfast Session - Monday 14 May


All Year 10 and 11 students studying GCSE Computer Science have their Revision Breakfast Session tomorrow, Monday 14 May at 7.30am. We have been delighted so far with the outstanding turn-out at such sessions, with 100% of Year 11 attending the Business & Communication Breakfast Session one on Friday last week. Students arrive at 7.30am for an hour of revision with their peers, led by our dedicated subject teachers, covering all the key areas as a final ‘tune up’ before going into their exam at 8.45am.

Students at 8.20am then receive a free breakfast of either a sausage, egg, bacon, toast, cereal bar or fruit depending on preference, and a juice drink. There may even be ketchup available!

For more information about when the Breakfast Revision Sessions are (and ‘Masterclasses’ during the school day for afternoon examinations) please visit:

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