Praising Stars 2 - Main Hall Examinations for Years 9-11 wc Monday 13 - Thursday 23 November


Students in our GCSE years, ie Years 9-11 will be carrying out Praising Stars 1 assessments in examination conditions in the Main Hall this week. This will also help ensure they are familiar with GCSE examination conduct, and the demands of sitting a number of exams in succession. Students have been revising over the last few weeks, but please note not every subject will have an examination in this way.

We have also published on our Praising Stars website page here: a calendar of all the Praising Stars assessments windows this academic year, so parents can support their children with revising at home, in order to secure the best outcomes in our six weekly assessments.

For obvious reasons, it is not appropriate to take children out of school for family holidays, as there is no time of year when lessons are not important, or assessment cycles to support learning are not happening. Our attendance continues to be the highest ever in the history of the school, and we thanks families for their support in this regard.