Post-16 Provider Open Events - October onwards


Time to start visiting Colleges!

It is an important time for Year 11 in particular, as the Open Events season for Post-16 colleges and apprenticeship providers begins throughout October. We encourage all students and their parents to make use of the open evenings across Teesside, to help decide on plans after GCSEs. This is a great time to get organised, visit institutions, meet and speak to key staff, find out more about the range of courses, the entry requirement and above all become inspired enough to have a firmer idea of which subjects, courses and colleges you will apply for over the coming weeks. All our previous evidence shows that students who motivate themselves now to firm up plans, or at least visit several providers, become the most motivated in school, and very often the most successful in the GCSE examinations. We believe it is crucial that students in all years, view their time at the academy as an opportunity to secure qualifications that open doors to courses and careers for the rest of their lives, whilst learning critical workplace skills such as resilience, confidence, teamwork, warmth, positivity, not giving up and much more.

Please find below a list of all the Open Events across Teesside during 2017-2018.

Students and parents can find out more about our support for future career planning, and post-16 information on our website page here:

Students are always welcome in the LRC Library to discuss plans, seek advice, or find out more about opportunities at colleges, via apprenticeships, or with other organisations such as the RAF, Army and Navy.