Bike Marking by Cleveland Police in the Academy - Thursday 5 October


Free Bike Security Marking – Thursday 5 October

The Academy, in partnership with Cleveland Police, will be offering students the opportunity to get their bikes and scooters marked professionally by the local police. This will help give our students a sense of security whilst at Outwood Academy, help reduce theft and assist in the return of your child’s personal property should a theft occur.

The DOTPEEN security marking device is a big drill type machine which uses a small point to mark property with a series of dots through the paintwork. Cleveland Police will mark the bikes for free, with the postcode of the owner and the number of the address on the underside of the frame.

If you would like to have your child’s bike or scooter marked, please arrange for them to bring their bike/scooter into school on Thursday 5 October 2017. The bike/scooter will need to have a piece of paper attached with your child’s house number and post code written on it in exactly the position you would like the marking to occur. This is because students will not be present during the marking. Please also sign and return the attached “Dotpeen Property Marking Disclaimer” form from Cleveland Police, to the school as soon as possible.

The bike should not be locked up, and should be laid out ready for marking. A member of staff will be on hand in the morning to supervise the bikes being laid out ready for the Police.