GCSE Results Day - 24 August


Our amazing Year 11 and Year 10 students celebrated during Results Day 2017 on the 24 August, as they collected their GCSE results, smashing all records in the history of Bydales! It was wonderful to see friends, families, teachers and support staff offering congratulations and thanks in equal measure! Today was about the culmination of months and months of commitment, with many hours of study outside of the classroom, at home, extra Enrichment and those 7.30am breakfast revision sessions and masterclasses!

Record Breaking GCSE RESULTS 2017 – An Overview

Outwood Academy Bydales can, for the third successive year since opening, report the best ever results in the history of the school!

The phenomenal success story of 2017 is best demonstrated by drawing comparisons from the new grade 4 GCSE maths and English results to their comparative grade C equivalent from 2016. We are delighted to report that 85% of students achieved a grade 4 or above in both GCSE English and maths, eclipsing the record 78% A%-C figure from 2016 by 7%. Results are now 24% higher than when the predecessor school was judged outstanding by Ofsted. This year, all headline figures have reached new highs. A staggering 90% of students passed mathematics at a grade 4 or above. These results are once again the best ever in our history, up 3% on the 87% A*-C record 2016 maths results which were in themselves in the top 3% of schools with similar intakes. English results were also outstanding with 90% attaining a grade 4 or above, up another 10% from the record 80% A*-C of last year.

A staggering 75% of students achieved the new, higher government threshold of a ‘good’ GCSE pass in both maths and English with grade 5 or above. Maths achievement in this respect was outstanding, with 83% of students achieving a grade 5 or above and this was replicated in brilliant English results with 81% of students achieving a grade 5 or above. An outstanding 9% of the year achieved the top ‘9’ grade, and 46% achieved a 9-7 grade, ie almost half of students achieved a maths A/A grade.*

Progress 8 was +0.39, meaning on average students achieved almost half a grade higher than national expectations across all 8 of their best GCSE subjects. This figure is a fantastic reflection of our students’ progress from brilliant primary schools, which place Redcar & Cleveland LA 3rd nationally at KS2.

Other highlights across subjects in both Year 10 and Year 11 are as follows: Y11 Triple Science 100% A*-C in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs, with twice as many students studying these challenging subjects compared to previous years, 41% of Year 11. Overall in Science, 88% of students achieved at least 1 GCSE at A*-C, and 81% at least 2 GCSEs at A*-C. Business students in Y11 achieved 100% A*-C. Computing GCSE Y11 students achieved 100% A*-A and Y10 GCSE Computing students, 82% at A*-C. In Y10 ICT, 92% achieved A*-C. Engineering students achieved 96% A*-C and an incredible 50% A*-A, 96% A*-C. Catering students managed 87% A*-C, with 29% at A*-A. In the one year Y11 Music GCSE class, 100% achieved A*-C. Drama in Y10 achieved 100% A*-C, and Art GCSE in Y10 95% A*-C. History in Y11 achieved 79% A*-C, and RE GCSE sat by the whole of Y10, 60% A*-C.

Julie Slater, Chief Executive Principal, Secondary said, “This is the culmination of years of hard work for our students. We are delighted with the results our students have achieved again this year which is testament to the incredible efforts and dedication of our students, their families, staff, governors and trust board at Outwood Academy Bydales. I would like to particularly praise the work of the Executive Principal Andrew Wappat for his exceptional leadership in helping our students to gain these life changing results”.

Andrew Wappat, Executive Principal, said: “These are incredible results that place our students in a very strong position for their future post-16 study and apprenticeships. They also demonstrate what can be accomplished when a school joins a successful academy chain, and when students, staff, governors and parents are fully committed to supporting academic achievement. The maths and English results, with 85% achieving what would have been the old A*-C measure, surpassing last year’s 78% figure was simply fantastic, but for 74% of students to achieve the harder measure of a grade 5 or above is outstanding. I am also incredibly proud that students again excelled across the board and 100% of students studying triple science achieved an A*-C grade in their GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology and 85% of the whole cohort achieved at least 1 science at grade A*-C and 83% actually achieving 2 passes at A*-C. Massive successes were also recorded in all other elements of the curriculum and there are simply too many to mention in huge detail. I would like to say a huge ‘well done’ to all of our students and thank you to staff, parents, governors and colleagues from across Outwood Grange Academies Trust.”

Every Year 11 student has achieved personal success but to highlight just a few:

Caitlin Donoghue achieved a grade 9 in maths, English language and English literature and also a further 7 A* and 1 A grade. Olivia Russell achieved a level 9 in maths, English language and English literature and a further 5 A* and 3 A grades. Amy Hornsby also achieved a grade 9 in both maths and English language, a grade 8 in English literature and a further 9 A* grades. They all achieved the maximum possible new Attainment 8 score of 87.50, they simply couldn’t have achieved any more! Abbie Lawrence achieved a grade 9 in maths, a grade 8 in both English literature and English language and a further 7 A* grades. Matthew Mendum achieved a grade 9 in maths, a grade 7 in both English literature and English language and a further 5 A* and 3 A grades. Levi Grange achieved a level 9 in maths, a grade 8 in English language, a grade 7 in English literature and a further 3 A* and 5 A grades. Clare Smithies achieved a grade 9 in maths and a grade 8 in English language, a grade 7 in English literature and a further 5 A* and 3 A grades.

We are particularly impressed by the progress made by Naomi Hunt, Jordan Steyert, Scott Mentz, Harry Tranter and Steph Graham. They achieved the highest progress scores in the Academy, scoring Progress 8 scores of over +2.0 meaning, on average, they exceeded their challenging targets by more than 2 GCSE grades in each subject!

Congratulations to our students in Year 10, all sitting at least two GCSEs this year, having studied these qualifications from the beginning of Year 9. They are the second cohort studying our curriculum in this way. Particular mention goes to Izaac Lojko who secured an incredible 3 A* in ICT, Computer and Religious Studies, Finty Farrell who secured Distinction* in Performing Arts, and A* in both Art & Design and Religious Studies. Niamh Colling managed A* in Engineering, and Art & Design, and an A in Religious Studies. Jakob Yau achieved A* in both ICT and Religious Studies, Ellie Pegden secured A* in both Geography and Religious Studies, Rebecca Forster who achieved A* in both Computing and Religious Studies, Morgan Brown Distinction* in Performing Arts and A* in Religious Studies, and David Cooke who secured A* in Computing and ICT, and A in Religious Studies. There were many other success stories.

Special mention to Charlie Amos in Year 11, who has battled a brain tumour in recent years. Despite the challenges, he managed to smash his targets by half a GCSE grade in all his subjects, securing great progress, through sheer determination and effort. He was awarded the ‘Georgina’s Star for Strength’ at the 2017 Prom, as a testament to his courage and resilience. The award was donated in memory of Georgina Anderson, by her parents.

We are incredibly proud of our students and wish them every success for their futures.