Accelerated Reader & Lexia

The Accelerated Reader programme is a new initiative here at Outwood Academy Bydales.

Accelerated Reader aims to develop a lifelong love of reading, motivate students to read more challenging books and most importantly raise literacy standards for students of all ages and abilities which will benefit them not only in English but also across our curriculum.

With a greater emphasis on literacy across all subjects, Accelerated Reader is a vital part of our Key Stage 3 curriculum to develop not only reading skills but also students’ range of vocabulary and comprehension skills.

The programme provides an advanced monitoring database that interprets comprehension skills, reading progress and estimates reading ages for each student. Across the Outwood Grange Academies Trust there is considerable evidence of significant progress in students estimated reading age across different ages and abilities. We will continue to prioritise support and invest in a wide and varied number of reading resources.

Lexia Strategies for older students is a comprehensive computer based and personalised reading programme, specifically designed for Keystage 3 onwards. It helps students increase automatic word recognition by reinforcing phonic elements and sound/symbol relationships.

Activities through the software provide extensive practise in everything from basic phonological awareness to advanced word-attack strategies, as well as vocabulary development based on Greek and Latin word roots.

At Outwood Academy Bydales are using Lexia Strategies as part of our intervention programme to support identified students with Dyslexia and students below their reading age. Lexia Strategies is during tutor time to negate the need to remove students from curriculum lessons. It complements our Accelerated Reader extremely well.

Students can increase their reading age significantly with consistent use at school and home within a very short time frame. Lexia research has shown, following 3½ month’s use via 3 × 20 minutes per week increases the reading age of students by 8 months on average. Progress is monitored by the school and students struggling are supported with additional paper based material.

Lexia can be accessed at home via the links below.