Year 11 - Revision for Summer GCSE Exams 2017


We are producing materials for revision for the 2017 season, in addition to those given out in December at the Year 11 Parent and Students Revision Evening. Please keep checking below for the latest updates.

Revision Plan Programmes Jan – May 2017 in English, Maths and Sciences

Below are the revision programmes for English, maths and sciences that were issued to students at the start of January 2017. These list, for each subject, weekly areas to focus revision on, linked to relevant pages of revision guides, workbooks and other materials already given out. *They are designed to help students break revision into manageable, ‘little but often’ chunks each week. If students stick to these, each week, they will have covered the content of their GCSEs in plenty of time before the examinations. Those that did last year, found it made a bit difference.

Y11 Generic Revision Timetable 2017 (to use or adapt)

ARCHIVE OF SUMMER 2016 Revision Materials and Information

Below are the final pages from the Summer of 2016, so current Year 11 can have a look at the sort of resources and revision materials/timetables we will be producing again for the 2017 examinations. These will be deleted as updated versions are created nearer the time.

Year 11 – Final Week Adapted Timetable 13 June – 17 June 2016

Following on from the brief Y11 Assembly on the afternoon of Friday 10 June, here are further details explaining the adapted timetable arrangements for Y11 students for the final week of GCSE examinations Monday 13 – Friday 17 June 2016.

Monday 13 June
Students who are studying History, Child Development, Catering, ICT or have yet to complete ECDL MUST attend ALL DAY. They will receive Masterclasses in these subjects, and sit afternoon GCSE exams. When not timetabled for a masterclass, students are expected to revise using materials from home or provided in school. Students who do not study these subjects are not required to attend, but are still most welcome, but must attend for the full day.

Tuesday 14 June
ICT students can attend from 7.30am for the ICT Revision Breakfast. ALL STUDENTS must attend from 8.20am. There will be both Masterclasses for History and Chemistry running during the morning, as well as the ICT exam. Students who have the History GCSE exam in the afternoon must remain in school all day. Students who do not study History will be able to leave at 12.00 noon.

Wednesday 15 June
ALL STUDENTS must attend from 8.20am. There will be a Chemistry Masterclass running for all students during Periods 1 to 3, followed by the Chemistry GCSE exams.

Thursday 16 June
ALL STUDENTS must attend from 8.20am. There will be a Physics Masterclass running for all students during Periods 1 to 3. Students who have not completed ECDL must remain, all other students will be able to leave at 12.00 noon.

Friday 17 June
Students should attend from 7.30am for the *Physics Revision Breakfast. All students then sit the final Physics GCSE exams from 8.45am. Students will be able to leave immediately after the exams, unless they have yet to complete ECDL.

We look forward to then welcoming you to the Year 11 Prom on the 23 June!

These will be issued to students when they attend on either Monday or Tuesday.
Please download an overview document below, that shows the sessions running, and FREE time in grid format.

REVISION - Resources for Y11 and Y10 GCSE Exams Summer 2016

A number of materials have been generated by staff at Outwood Academy Bydales to support students with planning their revision ahead of the GCSE examinations. Year 11 had an assembly on Monday 18 January to issue revision timetables and introduce the need to revise at home for at least one hour in each subject, per week, starting that day. This is in addition to any after-school Enrichment or homework. By starting on doing a little, often, the daunting task of starting revision is made more achievable and realistic.

Year 11 students have now been issued with the following revision booklets, prepared by subject leaders, that break down revision into weekly, one hour ‘chunks’ with cross-referenced links to revision guide pages that students have already been issued with. This makes it simple for parents and students to see what needs to be done each night, and makes it simple to ‘tick off’ what has been achieved, and get a sense that chipping away is helping.

Year 10 students were issued with their revision timetable and revision booklet on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 January 2016. Students have up to three GCSE option subjects to revise alongside all students taking their GCSE Religious Studies (RE) as all will be completed at the end of Year 10, ie the summer of 2016. As with Year 11, we want Year 10 students to revise for a minimum of 1 hour per the above four subjects each week, but clearly there is more time available to devote extra time to aspire to reach target grades and beyond.

Archive 2016 Documents and Presentations to Students & Parents

Y11 Revision Booklets 2016 - for all CORE and OPTION subjects

Y10 Generic Revision Timetable 2016 (to use or adapt)

Y10 Revision Booklet 2016 - for all OPTION subjects and RE