GCSE English Revision

Recent Revision Materials for GCSE English Language & Literature 2017

Please keep checking below for the latest downloads, in case you’ve lost your hard copy from school.

As materials for Year 11 sitting their GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature are produced and distributed they will be uploaded here, alongside hints and tips as the summer 2017 examinations approach.

Please make full use of the support available, including After School Enrichment every Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm OR Tuesday 2.30-3.30pm (depending on class) which is currently, from January 2017 focussing on *English Literature" revising poetry.

English Revision Programmes from January – May 2017

Poem of the Week – Revision notes for GCSE English Literature

The following poems will be updated each week, with the most recent poem at the top. When the focus in Year 11 Enrichment (on a Wednesday) is poetry, we will have a ‘Poem of the Week’ each week. The poem and an annotated version will be given to students (and will also appear here) in the first Core Literature lesson of the week, to be learnt at home. The poem is then the focus of learning at Wednesday night Enrichment that week to consolidate learning.

As the bell task for their first core Literature lesson of the following week, students will then have to do the following:
- Write a summary of the previous week’s poem including 4/5 key quotes
- Include some contextual information.

GCSE English Literature Revision Materials for Summer 2017 examinations

Below are revision grids that can be downloaded, printed, and should then be populated from memory and revision of lesson notes, revision guides, mind-map resources already provided.

Remember, the Year 11 Revision Timetable started on Monday 6 February 2017 so you need to keep up with it, by following the weekly tasks given in the three revision guides we prepared for students and issued after the last mock exam in January.

Christmas Carol – Revision Grids

Lord of the Flies – Revision Grids

Macbeth – Revision Grids

Mock GCSE English Revision Breakfast PowerPoints 2017

English Literature GCSE – After-School Poetry Revision Enrichment each Wednesday

As we complete revision of each poem, a copy of the annotated poem, with notes will appear here. Of course, it is much better to attend the session, and be able to discuss the finer details, work through any queries, consider which quotes you will memorize and which poems you will link to.