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We have experienced staff who are keen to demonstrate the benefits of a student learning to code.

With the government announcing that GCSE Computing can count as a science option in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc), more emphasis has now been placed on the subject. Our courses provide students with an in depth understanding of how computer technology works. Offering an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ including computer programming.


Miss Glynnis Peacock, Head of Department
Mrs Charlotte Ellwood, Teacher of Computing

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Overview of Computing at Key Stage 4

Course – GCSE Computing
Exam Board – OCR
Course Code – J275
Exam – 40%
Controlled assessment 1 – 30%
Controlled assessment 2 – 30%

Within the GCSE Computing course students complete two pieces of Controlled Assessment. Both have an equal weighting of 30% whilst each contains its own challenges for the students. The first, normally a piece of coursework based on object orientated programming which tests the investigative and design skills of the individual. The second normally focused on Python, a more structured type of programming which focuses on programming skills.

For each piece of coursework students have approximately 20 hours in which to complete it fully. Whether students start in Year 9 or in Year 11 the same amount of time is dedicated towards completing coursework.

With regards to the final exam, this in itself tests students understanding of the subject and whether or not they can code. Through this qualification students can

  • Develop their understanding of the current and emerging technologies
  • Look at the use of algorithms in computer programs
  • Become and independent and discerning user of IT
  • Apply their creative and technical skills to develop computer programs to solve problems
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of computer systems looking at their impact

Enrichment Opportunities

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