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Business studies is a subject which is very important to many people. Being knowledgeable about how businesses operate helps you to understand how the engine that drives the world’s economies works. We are all involved in global economy because we buy from businesses every day.

The business studies team are here to help you achieve you goals and aspirations. If you have ever dreamed of starting up your own business then the courses we provide can assist you. From standard business structures, to setup costs, our courses provide a valuable insight into the everyday business and your role as the consumer.


Mrs Charlotte Elwood, Teacher of Business

Overview of the Year for Applied Business at Key Stage 4

Course – GCSE Applied Business
Exam Board – OCR
Code – 5004/5593
Exam – 40% Controlled Assessment – 60%

Within the applied course there is one piece of coursework which students need to complete. It has a weighting of 60% and is based on a business scenario set by the exam board.

A final external exam is completed by students at the end of the final year of the course.

Students will learn a range of skills throughout their time on the course through their study of the different business contexts such as:

  • practical skills: personal organisation and time management;
  • presentational skills: producing a business report.
  • personal skills: initiative; creativity; perseverance; willingness
  • interpersonal skills: working in teams; discussing problems or issues; leading a team
  • cognitive skills: investigative and research skills; problem solving; decision-making; using theory to analyse a real organisation

Enrichment Opportunities