Governors’ 'Parent Voice Forum' – Monday 19 June 6.00pm


As we come towards the end of another successful academic year, I am pleased to invite you to the termly Governors' 'Parent Voice' meeting, which will take place in the Main Hall on Monday 19 June 2017 from 6 - 7pm. At the meeting Mr Wappat will present an update on the progress of the Academy.

The purpose of these informal meetings is also to give you, as parents/carers of the students at Outwood Academy Bydales, an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions which will help us continue to improve the educational experience we provide for our students, at the Academy. Mr Wappat will be happy to respond to your questions and comments.

The minutes of all previous meetings are available on the home page of the Academy’s website and you will see from these the important part that parent/carer input has played in helping develop Outwood Academy Bydales.

This is not an opportunity to discuss the academic or social needs of individual students, as queries concerning these are welcomed by direct contact with appropriate members of staff.

Outwood Academy Bydales provides an education for students in the local community, within the Outwood Grange Academy Trust Family of Schools. We value your input as we are always working to give our students an even better educational experience. If you are unable to attend this meeting or would prefer to send a written query or comment, my email address is:

We look forward to seeing you.
Yours sincerely

Tricia Taylor
Chair of Bydales Academy Council

Letter will be going out via students shortly but can be downloaded here: