Y9/Y10 Careers Information Session - Led by Learning Curve Group 2.30-3.30pm 5 June 2017


Our next careers information session, as part of our Future Generation project, is on Monday 5 June after school with Learning Curve Group. We are linking employers directly with students to increase awareness of differing job sectors, the transferrable skills required, and to boost aspirations. Whilst we target students based on the careers software profiling they have completed, the session is open to any Y9 or Y10 students who are interested. Local employers have committed to these sessions, and are keen to meet as many students, and future employees, as possible.

A letter to targetted students went home before half-term and is available here: www.bydales.outwood.com/letters-to-parents

Future Generations Project – Learning Curve Group – Monday 5 June 2.30pm in Room H3

As you may be aware, we are running an exciting, innovative and unique schools-led employer engagement project across four Outwood schools in the Tees Valley this year, called ‘Future Generation’ and you can read more here: www.bydales.outwood.com/blog/news/1690. We have over 100 employers keen to work with our students to promote greater understanding and aspirations towards key employment sectors. We have developed bespoke profiling software to encourage students to link with employers from areas they perhaps might not have considered.

Session overview: Learning Curve Group specialises in education and training that supports the needs of three client groups; FE providers, employers and learners. At this session, students will gain an insight into Learning Curve, the range of careers opportunities available and what the day to day responsibilities entail.

Although this particular career area may not currently be an exact area of your child’s interest, we believe early contact with employers and finding out about a range of career sectors and opportunities will allow students to learn about and develop employability skills, in order to make a more informed decision about their future and post 16 options.

Sarah Wing
LRC Manager