Year 10 into Year 11 Guided Pathways Evening - 5 January 2017


Year 10 students and parents were welcomed to our annual Year 10 Guided Pathways Presentation at 7.30pm on Thursday 5 January at the academy. Miss Ferris, Assistant Principal, explained the process of support that all Year 10 students will be following over the next few weeks, as they are guided into appropriate courses to study during Year 11, as they enter their third year of GCSE subjects at Outwood Academy Bydales. This is the start of the process, which will include students having an individual meeting with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, and opportunities for parents to get in touch and discuss available opportunities at several points.

More information will appear here shortly, but as promised at the Evening, a full copy of the PowerPoint presentation is available below:

Downloadable copy of the Y10 > Y11 Guided Pathways Presentation